What We Do

What we do in our daily lives, our habits, good or bad, matter. Here is a list of the various things that we do that can make a difference.

Let’s take “Move” for example. Study after study has shown that those who walk, run, exercise…in short, move in some form or the other, have a lower incidence of disease including cognitive decline and do better if and when they fall sick. In future newsletters, we will look at these studies and guidelines and understand the impact that a simple thing like “moving” can make. This is a controllable matka. And quite simple…if we move, we do better than if don’t. 

Some matkas are more important than others. Not smoking or quitting smoking is a powerful matka. Those who smoke not only have significant ongoing health problems, they also make the lives of people around them miserable. Those who quit reduce their risk of disease significantly.

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On the other hand, even though it makes intuitive sense, the data on wearing seat-belts is not particularly robust, while reducing noise, both physical and digital, has been shown to improve overall well-being, at least subjectively. 


We will discuss  all of these in detail in future posts. Here is the list of things we can do to take control. “What We Do”  makes all the difference to how healthy we are and continue to be, as we grow older.